Seasoned like a tree ...

I found a leaf at the entrance of my home. It was a beautiful color of red and orange.

As I appreciated it's beauty, God gave me a message of HOPE.

This leaf, once green, flourished in sunlight.

It's had its season where it provided shade, and in some cases, shelter.

Attached to that leaf was a tree that provided nutrition and support for this leaf.

That tree would hold on to this leaf through many storms that provided high winds and heavy rain.

In many cases, the tree would win and be rewarded with more time with that leaf.

Then comes the fall season, where the tree can no longer hold on to this leaf.

The tree becomes bare, no longer appearing to have life.

It once appeared robust and fruitful, now it's cold and gloomy.

The very next season, Winter, provides a clue in it's name, "WIN."

This is when the tree is still ... IT GET'S REROOTED ... and grounded even more.

The next season, Spring, is when the tree starts to bounce back.

It grows bigger and stronger.

Now it's capable of supporting more beautiful leaves.

Many of us can relate to this tree.

We hold on tight to things that God tell us to let go of.

We are so proud of what we hold, but God tell us that we will be able to hold more.

It's just that, we need to let go of the old, to allow room for the new.

The red and orange of the leaf signifies the beautiful transition of what's to come.

It represents the death of the old you, and the birth of the newer, STRONGER you!



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