Does "the Right Time" really exist?

Let's say your finances haven't been where you would like for them to be. An opportunity comes, but ... you want to wait for the "right time" to do it ... Then the opportunity is lost.

Or ... Your loved one is sick and in the hospital. You want to see them, but you have to wait for the "right time" to take a vacation from work. The opportunity is lost because they couldn't hold on any longer ... and now they're gone.

How about that dream you have? You know ... that really good idea that had you super excited, because it would completely change your life ... but you have to wait because now is not the right time, because of your kids, your job, your spouse .. the weather is not perfect ...

The answer is, No! The "right time" is a fantasy. It's a time where we feel all warm and fuzzy inside and can say with certainty that ... THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME! Now ... Realistically ...

Can you see yourself saying that?

In my personal journey to success ...

I feel like I am being led ... to an unfamiliar place ... which will lead me to my prayers.

The problem is that we are comfortable ... because our current state of mind or being ...

is familiar.

Fear of the unknown ... creates discomfort.

We avoid discomfort with excuses and blaming time.

This means that we miss out on opportunities that were meant for us to excel and develop into who we dream to be.

There will never be the right time, but the moment that you START ... could be right on time!

Don't allow today's negative programming to dictate your possibilities.