Pronounced Aye-You

Ayou Confident was founded by Stephon Fuentes, in March of 2021.  As a Deputy Sheriff, he has answered countless calls for service where pain, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and lack of self-worth has been present.


    During those intense situations, he would typically offer his support by simply listening to the people.  Then in most cases, he would provide them with a solution they may not have thought of.  A lot of times, the answer would be very simple, but when your mind is in an altered state, it is hard to think of a positive way out. 


    After ending his tour of duty one night, he struggled to rest.  He then took out a pen and pad, started writing, and Ayou Confident was created.


    AYOU Confident is meant to be a resource of information and positive affirmation for those that feel empty inside.  You have pain?  Anxiety?  Stress?  Depression?  Anger?  Battling with your self-worth?  Look to Ayou Confident to discover resources that just may help you reset your mindset and assist with getting you out of that hole full of darkness.  Hence, the slogan for Ayou Confident being, “Aid to the Broken.”